LYFT Snus LYFT pouches!

LYFT Snus LYFT pouches!

LYFT Snus LYFT pouches!

LYFT Snus LYFT pouches! LYFT nicotine pouches!

All white tobacco free dip in plant fiber pouches. The market leader in nicotine pouches in Europe. LYFT Snus is a tremendous success! LYFT Nicotine pouches popularity now also is getting around the Globe. People in the USA, Australia, Japan and

What is LYFT Snus? What are LYFT nicotine pouches? LYFT Nicotine pouches strengths

LYFT snus is nicotine pouches without tobacco. LYFT pouches are a so called All White snus – a tobacco free dip!. LYFT snus is made of plant fibers with added flavors and extracted nicotine from tobacco leaves. LYFT snus is available in many different delicious flavors. LYFT snus flavors and strengths:

  • LYFT Ice Cool (14 mg/g)
  • LYFT Freeze (15.6 mg/g)
  • LYFT Mint 8 (mg/g)
  • LYFT Easy Mint (6 mg/g)
  • LYFT Tropic Breeze (8 mg/g)
  • LYFT Liquorice (14 mg/g)
  • LYFT Lime Strong (14 mg/g)
  • LYFT Urban Vibe (14 mg/g)
  • LYFT Ruby Berry (8 mg/g)
  • LYFT Winterchill (15.6 mg/g)
  • LYFT Blonde Roast 8mg/g)
  • LYFT London Flair (14 mg/g)

LYFT snus also has different nicotine strengths. The nicotine strengths in LYFT pouches varies between 6 mg/g nicotine to 16 mg/g nicotine.

Each can of LYFT snus contain 24 nicotine pouches.

How to use LYFT snus? How to use LYFT nicotine pouches?

It´s easy to use LYFT snus. Just open the can and put one nicotine pouch under your upper lip. The slim pouch will fit extremely well, it´s discreet so your surroundings will probably not notice you are using LYFT snus.

How many LYFT nicotine pouches a day?

The average LYFT user keeps the pouch around 20-30 minutes per pouch. The average LYFT user consumes 12-14 nicotine pouches a day, i.e. more or less, half a can of LYFT snus per day.

How to store LYFT Snus? How to store LYFT nicotine pouches?

Since LYFT nicotine pouches don´t contain tobacco you don´t need to store it in a refrigerator. Though, it´s important to store LYFT nicotine pouches in a dark environment so they will keep its quality. Of course, it´s possible to store your LYFT nicotine pouches in a refrigerator if it suits you,

What´s the best before or expiry dates of LYFT Snus and LYFT nicotine pouches?

All LYFT snus flavors and strengths has an expiry date of 12 months after manufacturing. Of course, it´s not hard cheese, they don´t develop with age, though, the LYFT snus, you bought will mostly have 8-9 months best before date when you receive them at your door.

LYFT Snus – the best tobacco free dip in the world? LYFT Nicotine pouches Online! 

Where can I buy LYFT snus? LYFT pouches near me? Where to find LYFT nicotine pouches near me? Where to buy LYFT nicotine pouches near me? LYFT Snus locator! LYFT Nicotine pouches locator!

LYFT nicotine pouches in London! LYFT nicotine pouches in the UK! LYFT nicotine pouches in USA! LYFT snus in UK! LYFT Snus in Saudi Arabia! LYFT Snus in Liverpool!

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LYFT nicotine pouches!

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