Kurbits Snus! Buy Kurbits snus online!

Kurbits Snus! Buy Kurbits snus online!Kurbits Fäbodsnus snus

Kurbits Snus! Buy Kurbits snus online!

Kurbits Snus! Buy Kurbits snus online!

Directly from the heart of Sweden, a new star on the Swedish snusmarket, Kurbits, has launched Kurbits snus. Four different flavors in portion pouches with great strength will shorly enter our snus store SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE. The combination taste, strength and price is really awesome. Kurbits snus, a design inspired by Dalarna, a landscape in Sweden with their famous Dalahorses (carved in wood). Kurbits snus, definetely worth trying!

Genuine Swedish Snus! Kurbits snus!

Kurbits Snus is the result of a meeting between an avid snus fanatic and an innovative entrepreneur. In this meeting, the conditions were created for the products we are now very proud to be able to present on the esteemed snus market. We are aware that there are already many products and many players in the market, but we also know that it is possible to create snus with a completely different feeling than what the market had to offer.

Kurbits Fabodsnus

In the old agricultural society, it was necessary to keep the farm animals grazed during the summer months so that the more easily cultivated land could be used for crops for the household. Keeping cultivation and animals in this way has been common in the northern and central parts of Sweden, of course also in Dalarna – Kurbits Snus’ source of inspiration. Fäbod snus has its very own tradition regarding culture and customs, much with a focus on tastes, aromas and cooking. In the older society, many products were manufactured out on the summer pastures as it increased the shelf life of the fresh milk by refining the raw material into butter, cheese, butter and other things that could be made out on the summer pasture.

Working on the summer pasture was often a job for the women who raised the animals and made things that would help the household cope with the severe winters that prevailed up here in the north. It was a job that could require a lot of imagination and courage as both boredom and wolves were a constant threat out on the summer pasture. The mountain hut culture has pulled its weight when it comes to creating Swedish folk music and it is out on the mountain hut that many of our culinary delights have been created in terms of food culture.

Fäbodsnus is intended as a balmy summer wind by an evening fire.

Kurbits Morgondagg – best Swedish Snus!

Seven kinds of flowers under the pillow and a flag that can sit up all night. Midsummer evening, summer months and simply the light freedom that summer gives the Swedish soul. After surviving the heavy autumn and cold winter, we see how the lawns begin to turn green and the bird life returns to the now flamboyant landscape.

The summery freedom of being awake through the night, preferably in the company of good friends and being able to walk barefoot over dewy lawns with the stomach pit sucking with happiness. We hope that most people have felt that feeling and those who know what we mean can probably remember the smells, tastes and feelings that are in all expectations that exist in this early morning time. The day can be anything – hopefully sunny, sweet and full of happiness. We can taste at night and feel the cold in the air. A cold that is not directly cold but that gladly makes us push ourselves closer to our friends and allow us to enjoy the summer together.

Morning dew, Morgondagg, is a snus that wants to capture softness and explosiveness at the same time. The clear flavors of licorice and violet are balanced with several flavors that bring thoughts and memories to life. Just as summer mornings can make our senses almost burst with emotions, we want Morgondagg to provide a taste experience beyond the ordinary. It is a little more, but never too much – a feeling that we do not want it to end, that we want to stop time and enjoy the wonderful morning dew that has laid over everything wonderful that grows in the Swedish natural landscape.

Kurbits Soldier snus, Kurbits Soldat Snus

Sweden has a long and proud history of uniformed people working for our security. Our experience tells us that those who wear the uniform and also snus are well aware of the importance of fresh snus when the adrenaline is to be turned on. The equipment is checked, the plan is reviewed in the head and the seconds before it is time to perform the operation, a new snus is inserted. This prilla must merge with its owner. Become a part of his body and perfect the feeling that an experienced snus user gets from entering his price.

Military Snus – Soldier Dip tobacco!

When it comes down to it. Anyone who has ever worn the uniform in a sharp position can easily move to several specific events when everything except the current assignment disappears. For a snus user, it is of course the choice of what we put under the lip. It must be something that works in all situations, with a focus on a taste that we do not get tired of. Something that brings the feeling of harmony and peace to our senses so that we can focus and tag along. Just like the soldier who is getting ready for a mission, the police who are going to make a raid or the firefighter who is just jumping into his emergency vehicle.

With Soldatsnuset we want to create a genuine everyday snus. Something that lasts for a long time and can be used day after day, year after year without the snus user getting tired or sad about the flavors. We choose a neutral tobacco that we flavor with a focus on balance and pleasant flavors taken from nature. Soldier is fresh, tasty and cold, as created for those who place such high demands on their snus so they choose a snus that becomes part of oneself.

Army Dip, Marines Dip, Soldier Winter Snus

To cope in the inhospitable environment that can be part of the northern winter, we need something invigorating. For some it is winter sports, for others it is hearty stews or warming drinks. Something we at Kurbits have realized is that more taste and feeling is needed during the winter. The Nordic winter is long, it is dark and it is cold. To endure this requires determination, patience and many times repeating the mantra “like the situation”.

Which flavors would suit the winter soldier is of course individual, but we did not want to make another mint snus. We also did not want to create the taste of wet forest. We could probably solve the taste of snow, but it may not be a taste that appeals to so many. What we came to the conclusion, however, was that what a winter soldier needs is something that cheers up. Something that sharpens and feels immediate, feels great and is experienced as frosty berries that enliven the darkness.

Soldier Winter wants to give you the feeling of a snowmobile trip out into the wilderness. Flavors and aromas that can travel across the plains or in our senses. We wanted to bring out the softer tobacco flavors to fill with coldness, freshness and a fruitiness that really cheers up the snus user who uses this snus. Soldier Winter is exactly as the name reveals: Cool, mysterious and uncompromising.


We ship all our orders by UPS. All payments by PayPal includes seller insurance. If your are not satisfied with your package when it arrives, you can file a claim to PayPal and get your money refunded. Buy snus with money-back-guarantee. It´s safe for you. It puts some pressure on us to always be on the edge and deliver fresh and high-quality snus Worldwide!

Kurbits Snus! Buy Kurbits snus online!


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