Swedish Snus Online is swamping football!

Swedish snus

Swedish Snus Online is swamping football!

Swedish Snus is swamping football! In Sweden, smokers have another option – Snus, chewing tobacco in Sweden!

Certain doses of snus, Swedish snus, stimulate alertness, power and strength. It is currently on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s monitoring list.

Leicester and England striker Jamie Vardy admitted in his 2016 biography  to taking snus, and claimed some players were using it during matches. He wrote in his autobiography: “When I joined Leicester I started using snus, which are nicotine patches that you place against your gums for 10 minutes or so. “I used to have the odd fag on a night out at Fleetwood, but one of the lads introduced me to snus when I signed for Leicester and I found they helped me chill out. “A lot more footballers use them than people realize, and some lads even play with them during matches.”

In the NHL, the ice-hockey league in North America, the Swedes use snus frequently. As a matter of fact, more than 12% of the Swedish population use Snus. Worth to mention, Sweden has the lowest rates of lung cancer in the industrialized world. The most famous one? Perhaps, San José sharks top player Erik Karlsson.

Dr Toby Mundel carried out an investigation into the benefits of taking nicotine while playing sport. He believes it improves ‘alertness, concentration, strength and power’ and called for more studies into whether it gives users an unfair advantage. ‘Nicotine is a stimulant,’ added Dr Mundel, a lecturer at New Zealand’s Massey University. ‘It stimulates the body and the brain. You can feel like you have been pepped up. There’s an increased feeling of alertness. It helps you concentrate and is likely to have an effect on your power and strength.’

So, when you´re seeing Swedish athletes, it´s common to see Swedish snus as well. If they don´t buy it at home, they buy Swedish snus online and the goods are shipped worldwide by UPS.

Swedish snus makes it big in the USA and in the UK! Snus USA! Snus UK!

A kind of smokeless tobacco that goes under the lip, this miniature leaf-stuffed pillow doesn’t need to be chewed like dip. Read on to find out why snus is the next weird Swedish thing to make it big in the States, kind of like the bafflingly popular series of Swede dance music sensations.

Sweden’s New World colony, which existed in the mid-Atlantic, covering parts of both Jersey and Delaware, was short lived (admit it, nobody knows it happened). Tobacco began to enter Sweden from New Sweden in the middle of the 17th century. But, even while avoiding French and English merchants, tobacco was still too expensive for Joe Swede to smoke or snuff. So snus, a new blend of tobacco mixed with salt and water, was invented to meet the Swedish demand for tobacco. An furthermore, a lot of Scandinavians, mostly Swedes, emigrated to the US in the late 1800´s. They settled mainly in Minnesota and the Chicago area. They started to manufacture Swedish snus since they missed it.

In the UK, the popularity of Swedish snus is mainly due to the Swedish football player´s who started to play in the Premier League during the 1980´s. Nowadays, as stated above, a lot of footballer´s are using Swedish snus.

What is Swedish snus? Why use Swedish snus?

Well, simplified, it’s a fine-grained moistened tobacco added with water and salts. Most Swedish snus has a clear and distinct tobacco taste, but there are also flavored dips. Swedish snus tobacco is often flavored with spices.

Snus if often used instead of smoking. It´s, of course, a cultural tradition and habit. Swedish snus is more or less an identity badge for the Swedes.

Daily smoking in Sweden has fallen off; now, less than 10% of the population smokes cigarettes daily — compared to 40% in 1976. And, since ‘76, snus-in’ has doubled (one in every five Swedes now snus). Sweden, it´s the country in the industrialized world with the lowest rate of lung cancer. So, actually, real life tends to show: Swedish snus could be a helpful quit smoking alternative. Snus is a tobacco harm reduction product.

Correlation is not causation. Decades of research show that nicotine increases focus, attention and memory. So, some people who have trouble with focus/attention self-medicate with nicotine. e.g., It is well known that people with ADHD are more likely to smoke.

Snus, overall, is less harmful than smoking. If you are a smoker and you are looking for a way to rest your lungs, snusing is a much safer way to ingest nicotine.

Swedish snus online – a dip tobacco you don´t need to spit – snus is spit-free tobacco!

That means: there’s no gross little spit cup — or eventually taking a revolting accidental sip of it. The use of snus brings a certain class, if that’s possible, to this consumer category. It’s quite discreet, and unlike the chewing tobacco or dip favored by baseball players, doesn’t require spitting.

Swedish snus is healthier than dip tobacco or chewing tobacco!

One of the most discussed impacts of tobacco usage is its carcinogenic effect on lungs and respiratory tract. In this case the advantage of snus is clear and undisputable. Most of the carcinogenic substances are created in the burning process which is required to create smoke. In the act of snusing no smoke is involved, therefore lungs stay completely unharmed. That does not mean that snus is not harmful at all. Tobacco contains nicotine, and nicotine is heavily addictive drug with proven health risks.

Snus is no exception. Using it can, for example, higher the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease or any form of oral cancer. Although it has been proven that the risk of getting an oral cancer is very much higher with smoking. Dip and chew – other forms of smokeless tobacco – are more carcinogenic than snus due to a different manufacturing process. Chew and dip is fermented, while snus is heat treated. So the answer is yes. Snus is less harmful than cigarettes; it is a healthier alternative for everyone who wants to stop smoking.

The dominant area of snus usage is Sweden and Norway, where you can get it in countless sizes, flavors and nicotine contents. In recent years, it has gained popularity in the USA and severe major tobacco producers sell their own snus. It is illegal in most of the states in EU besides Denmark and Sweden. Like any other tobacco products in Norway it is legal to sell it to persons over 18 years of age and it is subjected to heavy taxes. Therefore, it is not a cheap nicotine fix, but still you can see those pouches lying around everywhere.

Swedish snus online also has its sequal in nicotine pouches without tobacco! 

The last decade, the Swedish innovation ZYN pouches has rocked the US. It still rocks! The plant fiber made pouches with added flavors and extracted nicotine has lead to a new way to use Swedish snus. Snus without tobacco you might say. In the UK, LYFT nicotine pouches are the most popular one´s. The  tobacco-free dip of nicotine pouches has lead to a new snus scene. Nowadays you see youngsters using nicotine pouches instead of smoking. The nicotine pouches has also helped many people to quit smoking. It works like a form of Quitassist. The most famous brands are ZYN, LYFT, White Fox, ACE and Skruf. Swedish snus is swamping football!

How long do ZYN last?

Well, ZYN usually last 20-30 minutes per pouch. The average ZYN user roughly use half a can a day,


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