Nick and Johnny Dip tobacco

Nick and Johnny Dip tobacco

Nick and Johnny Dip tobacco

Nick and Johnny Dip tobacco

Nick and Johnny are a Norwegian snus brand marketed by Swedish Match. Snus was launched in Norway in 2006 and became very popular. In 2007, snus was also launched in Sweden. The snus is available as portion, white or “regular”. According to Swedish Match, the main target group is cigarette smokers as the company refers to a consumer survey which shows that smokers prefer strong snus types. Nick and Johnny contains about 40% more nicotine than traditional snus, and is flavored with smoke aroma and licorice, among other things.

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Swedishsnus – the original dipping tobacco!

You can use Swedishsnus in loose format, the old traditional style, and in tobacco portion pouches. The portion pouches were introduced in the 1980´s and is nowadays the most common format to snus Swedish tobacco. Portion pouches are often referred to the second generation of Swedishsnus. Further development has been done by Swedish Match with the all white snus, generation 3 and generation 4 (G.3 and G.4).

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