Swedish Nicotine Pouches!

Swedish Nicotine Pouches!

Swedish Nicotine Pouches!

Swedish Nicotine Pouches!

In Sweden the snus tradition is very big and we want to share this tradition with people outside of Sweden. We offer both Swedish nicotine pouches and Swedish snus. Our passion is nicotine pouches and snus and therefor we created this store to offer you the best products on the market.

Swedish Nicotine Pouches Online!

Lyft is the market leader when it comes to Swedish nicotine pouches in Europe. The fresh slim pouches come in a lot of different flavours to try and enjoy. The brand is becoming more and more mainstream, even some traditional snus users are starting to try the Swedish nicotine pouches!


Zyn Pouches Online!

Zyn, manufactured by Swedish match is a huge brand of Swedish nicotine pouches. The pouches created to compete with the Lyft brand has had a very big rise in popularity the last couple years. We offer all the popular ZYN pouches, which one is your favourite?

ZYN Slim Northern Woods, ZYN Spearmint Slim edition, ZYN Slim Strong Apple Mint. ZYN Mini Dry Citrus Extra Strong, ZYN Flavors Apple Mint Strong Slim, ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry edition, ZYN Slim Citrus Strong, ZYN Mini Citrus Dry editionZYN Slim Cool Mint Extra StrongZYN Slim Lemon SpritzZYN Slim Deep Freeze StrongZYN Ginger Blood OrangeZYN Cool Mint Mini DryZYN Mini Dry EspressinoZYN Slim Dark Frost

Swedish Nicotine Pouches White Fox!

White Fox is a fairly new product in the Swedish nicotine pouches category and has grown quickly to become a favourite among many. We sell four different White Fox product and recommend you try them for a fresh and unique nicotine experience.

White Fox Black, White Fox Double Mint, White Fox Full Charge, White Fox Slim

Swedish Candy Products Online!

Forget about Volvo, Swedens most sold car is Ahlgrens bilar! This candy product is one of the most recognisable candy brands in Sweden. Since its launch in 1953, the brand has grown out of Sweden is currently for sale in stores in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The product was originally created when the manufacturer wanted to do a replica of the American style marshmallow, but didn’t manage. They really liked the result of the failed attempt though and decided to start producing it. Now almost 70 years later the brand is still going strong.

If you want to try a piece of the Swedish candy tradition, add some Ahlgrens bilar to your order!

Ahlgrens bilar, yummy mmm!

General G.4 For Sale Online!

General generation 4 is the latest product line in the general brand. These all white pouches are designed to feel fresh and slim under the lip. The general brand has lasted over 150 years and with that comes a lot of experience, that has been used to create these products.

G.4 Cryo, General G.4 Blizzard, General G.4 Blue Mint, General G.4 FU:ZN

Worlds Strongest Snus!

The 24k brand is known among many to be one of the strongest snus products on the Swedish market. The snus has a very spicy tobacco flavour with some mild fresh taste of spearmint. It contains 45mg/g of nicotine and is therefore not for new users.

24K Crystal

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