Flavored tobacco dip!

Flavored tobacco dip!

Flavored tobacco dip! Chewing tobacco flavors!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all major Swedish snus brands as well as nicotine pouches! We have a wide and varied assortment of different snus and dip tobacco. Of course, Swedish snus is most famous for its distinct and clear tobacco taste. But there also many flavored tobacco dip brands in Sweden. One of the most prominent tobacco dip brands in Sweden is Jakobsson.

All orders are shipped Worldwide by UPS. It usually takes 3-4 days from Sweden to the USA.

Flavored tobacco dip from Jakobsson presented by SWEDISHPRODUCTS ONLINE! Chewing tobacco flavors!

In October 2013, Dagens Industri naTobacco dip med Gotlandssnus the Gazelle of the Year in Gotland County. The award, which was presented to the country’s fastest growing company, was a highlight of a fantastic journey that has been going on since 2000 when I started the company at home in the kitchen. I firmly believed in the idea of ​​making a first-class snus and building up the company stone by stone or prilla for prilla as I say. It took time to get sales started, but after a few years we had enough customers to be able to afford to build a factory in Roma on Gotland. Today, we manufacture just over 15,000 snus cans a day, have a turnover of about 55 million and deliver to the national, American, Asian and European markets. Behind the success is a long-term strategy that is characterized by the fact that nothing is impossible – it only takes courage. Our greatest asset is our employees. Without their will, patience and ingenuity, things would never have gone so well – no matter how sought-after products, many retailers and satisfied customers we have. Warm regards, Henrik Jakobsson, CEO and founder.

Dip tobacco with taste! Sweet, fresh and awesome dip tobacco flavors! Chewing tobacco flavors from Swedish snus!

Jakobsson brand has four real classic flavored dip tobacco tastes:

Jakobsson Mint

Jakobsson Melon

Jakobsson Wintergreen

Jakobsson Cola

The different tastes are often available in different formats, slim, mini and original.

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